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What we do

Millions of students go into middle school and high school with no idea of the opportunities they have or the importance of education. Additionally, many students need that extra push to motivate them to seek new academic heights. After recognizing this, and even experiencing this ourselves, our team set out to spark passions in young students that will burn bright for years to come. 


Elevate the Future is inspiring the next generation of creators and innovators. We provide young students with invaluable introductions and lessons in computer science and business through interactive classes, guest speaker events, summits, competitions, and more. We're sparking a passion in students' young, impressionable minds and setting them up for a brighter future.

“In the past twenty years, small businesses have created two out of every three jobs.” 


—  The Small Business Administration

What people are saying

“When I was invited to give lectures by a team from your organization, I was skeptical about whether teens could deliver a compelling and entertaining lesson for younger students. And I'm glad to say now that I was wrong! Your team was able to provide not only correct and exciting information about basic economic concepts, but also, through various games and activities, to understand more deeply the essence of the material presented in practice. It was a pleasure to watch the kids be enthralled with the learning process and unable to take their eyes off what was shown in the presentations given by your team volunteers.”

- Teacher

Our Work

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