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How it Works

1. For round 1, each team will submit a 5-minute video along with some answers to questions about their product or a 1000-word business plan.

2. Each pitch is judged by a panel of professional entrepreneurs based on the criteria listed below.

3. The top 10 teams will then pitch live in front of a panel of experienced judges from around Silicon Valley as they try to win the prizes listed below.

Submission Criteria

Round 1 Submissions

All submissions are due by May 3 at 11:59 PM
Option 1

Submit a 5-minute video along with 200-word responses to 2 concept questions about your product. The video can can be submitted in the form of either a YouTube or Google Drive Link.

Option 2

Submit a 1000-word business plan. Concept questions and a video are not needed for this option.


1st Place: $750

2nd place: $350

3rd place: $200

*All three teams will also receive help filing a patent. The top 3 teams will also automatically become semifinalists in Blaze Global and its 15k in return-free investment.