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Get Online

It's important to have a place for viewers to start. Your website will allow your clients to know 

Sell Online

We'll build an online store for you where customers can order and pay for your product completely online.

Clean Design

Our websites have spectacular designs and animations! We can acommodate to your specific needs.

Completely Free

We will build your website for free! Our team will additionally reimburse you for the first half-year of website hosting costs.

Adapting to Covid

The COVID-19 outbreak has made it frustrating and difficult to produce revenue without an established online presence.


A modern website has shown to be necessary for businesses to be competitive in the digital plane. If you're interested in participating in Project Falcon, please sign up here, and we will contact you to inform you of whether or not you have been chosen to participate in Project Falcon.

Dook ( - A website built by Project Falcon

Strategic & Personalized Assistance

We've partnered with Grow with Google to provide our businesses help getting found on Google and in utilizing Google Ads. Additionally, through our partnership with Novaris Consulting, we're able to provide free crisis consulting to some of the businesses we work with.

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Did we mention Falcon is free?

Through grants provided by the City of Cupertino we will pay for the first half-year of your website costs.

What Businesses are Saying

I was manually taking upwards of 100-150 orders a day. But with this website I can automate the process and make my business more efficient., and I expect an increase in revenue.

Bernard Hutcherson, CEO at Cooking N' Style

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