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An Introduction to Elevate the Future Ukraine

Since it's inception, Elevate the Future has prioritized expansion. One of the organization's primary goals is to bring its initiatives to as many students as possible, regardless of their location. As such, Elevate the Future has developed an expansion model that aims provide opportunities to students around the globe.

Elevate the Future Ukraine is one of the 9 locations the organization is currently functioning in. Notably, Ukraine is the first country abroad that Elevate the Future has expanded its services to. The Ukrainian team began operations in August of 2019 and has been very productive so far. In a considerably short period of time, they have managed to make an impact on over 180 middle and high school students with a team of over 20 associates, scattered across various regions of the country.

The Elevate the Future Ukraine team has conducted two cycles of educational programs, teaching business acumen and entrepreneurship in Kyiv, Ukraine. They have received tremendous feedback from students, parents, and teachers. Currently, the Ukrainian team is busy developing courses in Economics that contain specific elements that are relevant to their country.

Besides business programs within schools, the Ukrainian team has organized three events, dedicated to the topics of social entrepreneurship and business communications, in conjunction with local youth hubs. Students were able to network with experienced speakers and business leaders, learning valuable skills and getting various questions answered.

Hoping to reach students living outside of the Ukraine's capital city, Kyiv, the team came up with the idea to host an online webinar. They organized an online speaker event and marketed the opportunity across the entire country. The webinar speaker discussed the opportunities in both commercial and social entrepreneurship and received excellent feedback. Elevate the Future Ukraine was able to fundraise over $1,000 to help them implement their various projects these past few months. Their fundraising goals for the next months are much more ambitious

Through providing business programs in schools, holding entrepreneurship summits in youth hubs, and holding international webinars with experienced speakers, Elevate the Future Ukraine has created a lasting impact across various regions of Ukraine. Despite the significant value they’ve already created, Elevate the Future Ukraine is just getting started. They’re excited for the future and have the vision and team in place to significantly expand their initiatives to thousands of students.

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