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Reflecting on our First Semester

This past semester was the first of Elevate the Future’s efforts to spread youth interest within the evermore prevalent subjects of business and computer science. Prior to this semester, the Elevate team worked tirelessly to develop a curriculum, find connections that would provide invaluable feedback and resources, and plan out a growth model for the organization. After all of this was done, the team was ready to begin their teaching efforts.

Our local efforts allowed us to establish a team that taught 4 one-month courses in 3 different schools. Class sizes averaged 32 4th and 5th-grade students. We brought along 5 high school volunteers to each lesson and strove to maintain a perfect 1:6 instructor to student ratio. It was incredible to see students go from absolutely no understanding of business to planning and budgeting for the construction of a popsicle stick skyscraper, solving case studies, and creating and pitching a business plan in just 4 short weeks.

When we launched Elevate the Future, we had the vision to take our efforts to a global scale. This semester, our initiatives allowed us to establish chapters in multiple states and countries. In an attempt to maximize the number of students who have the opportunity to receive our curriculum and find their passions within business and computer science, we’ve set up a team of around 50 driven high school students spread across 5 states and 2 countries. We’ve successfully launched in Seattle, Washington through a collaboration with the Boys and Girls. Our highest achieving team, however, has been our Elevate chapter in Ukraine. Our team of 15 in Ukraine has held 1-month programs in multiple schools, entrepreneurship events, and have plans to execute various other events which will undoubtedly bring significant value to the youth in Ukraine.

We’re proud to declare our first semester an overwhelming success. Since Elevate the Future’s inception, our goal has been to allow young students to explore their opportunities and find passions in business and computer science. This semester, we provided hundreds of students with our complete 1-month program and have set up teams in multiple locations ready to launch in the coming semester. The amazing feedback we received from students enrolled in our course as well as their parents and supervising teachers and school administration is promising and will serve as motivation for our entire team to work even harder to take Elevate the Future to the next level.

Our world is changing, and Elevate the Future is proud to be preparing the next generation to adapt and thrive alongside these changes. Our next semester is a crucial one for our organization’s growth. We hope to expand our reach through forming partnerships with various organizations, setting up teams in new locations, and launching in new schools across the globe.

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