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Elevate the Future is a San Jose based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering free websites for small businesses through an initiative called Project Falcon. The initiative utilizes experienced high school Elevate the Future web designers to teach middle school students HTML/CSS and allow them to apply these skills to assist in the building of a businesses' website. Each website is created by a team of middle school students that have undergone Elevate the Future's comprehensive web design course and is extensively screened and perfected by experienced Elevate the Future web designers. Having a modern website provides businesses with a way to be competitive in the digital market space and leverage a powerful marketing channel, drawing customers to their business, which is helpful during the current shelter-in-place and even as COVID-19 subsides. Our experienced high school instructors will work with your team to ensure that the website is designed exactly to your liking. Help us empower the next generation through Project Falcon!


Project Falcon offers a hands-on method to web development. Students learn important languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript and find creative ways to employ them in their websites.

Additionally, Students learn to make the most of the internet, utilizing various online resources including BootStrap, UIKit and Bulma, allowing their visions to come to life on the web. 

real world skills through business interactions and creating a project that’s gonna be used by a real business

Because of Project Falcon's unique approach to teaching, students are given real world experience. Through their interactions, students will understand what it takes to do business in the real world.


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If you are interested in participating in Project Falcon and having a free and high-quality custom website created for your business, please sign up here. Shortly after you fill out this form, a member of the Elevate the Future team will be in contact with you to inform you of whether or not you have been chosen to participate in Project Falcon.

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